Improve communication skills:Top 5 Tips

Are you looking for TIPS to improve communication skills? Do you feel from within that you are good technically but you are not able to communicate your knowledge to other in a concise and precise way?  Do you generally try to avoid group discussions and chances of presentations and speeches? …

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Public Speaking TIPS by saurabh chharia Presentations skills training Hyderabad

public speaking

Myths of Public Speaking and Presentations which People assume to be true How do you react when you are spontaneously called onto the stage to give a speech in-front of 100 people?You are least prepared for it but you have lot knowledge regarding that particular topic.You are the best person …

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Stay Upgraded or get outdated by saurabh chharia motivational speaker hyderabad

I am sure all of you know the company Nokia, which ruled market of phones for few decades but now the brand itself is sold. Why? Because they were not willing to upgrade to the next level and certainly they lost there market. Same holds very true in our life’s. …

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Be an Expert by saurabh chharia motivational speaker in hyderabad

How many of you have heard this line “Jack of all master of none”. 90% of the people live life this way trying to learn everything and just ending up being average in all things in life. Yesterday something very interesting happened with me. Something went wrong with my site …

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Best gift to give anyone by saurabh chharia motivational speaker in hyderabad

Saurabh chharia

I am sure you might have few friends or family members in your circle who are very good at finding faults. Doesn’t matter how good work you might have done but there are always few who will find fault for sure. They will say this is not good that is …

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Thoughts shapes our world by saurabh chharia motivational speaker in hyderabad


I hope few of you might have watched the documentary THE SECRET or read the book.This documentary says just one thing “WE CREATE OUR OWN REALITY” . Meaning the thoughts we think attract the same in the real world fascinating isn’t it. I always used to wonder  why i get in …

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World Needs “YOU” by saurabh chharia motivational speaker in hyderabad

There is greatness within you

Many of you might have faced a situation when you share your thoughts and feelings with your friends or your family and they just reject your thoughts and feelings. They say you are wrong we don’t care what you say. Many of you might had this experience of sharing your …

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