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DSC01362-minSaurabh chharia Motivational Speaker and PASSIONATE Public Speaking Trainer in Hyderabad

What most of YOU may know about me Saurabh Chharia is that i am a great speaker,who wow’s the audience every time he speaks but what most of YOU don’t know about me is that i was an introverted person, very shy and a bad speaker some time back in my life. 

I come from a very small village which i assume none of you might have even ever heard called as Devapur in District Adilabad of Telangana State. I was a bright student but very shy,very reserved always scared to open up and speak with strangers. Forget about speaking in-front of Audience i was pathetic speaking to people one on one. I lived like this for almost 20 years of my life till i strongly realized what all i was losing being such shy,introverted and being a bad speaker. I was a failure at making friends,talking to people,giving presentations.

What i lost because of my low confidence,shyness and being reserved is something which i can’t express in words but out of all the biggest of all which i lost was the trust on myself. I started thinking i am a born failure, i am good at nothing, i lost all my self respect for myself and was just going through life.

One fine day i made a decision ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!! I CAN’T LIVE LIKE THIS ANYMORE!! I WILL SHOW THE WORLD THAT I CAN BE A GREAT CONFIDENT FEARLESS SPEAKER. I started working on myself,instead of focusing on the failures i started looking at opportunities. I underwent various public speaking training’s. I Started watching great motivational speakers, I started reading good inspiring books and in this process i was conditioning myself to transform myself into a great personality.



It took me some time but i finally did it, I MASTERED THIS ART OF PUBLIC SPEAKING and i had a vision which was pretty clear that i will help people who have the same problem which i had like Stage fear,nervousness,forgetting words,going blank, being an average speaker,unable to structure presentations and most important of all LESS CONFIDENCE. I took an oath that i will help people to OVERCOME THEIR STAGE FEAR and MAKE THE CROWD CHEER for them.

I made a most practical,results oriented program named as CONFIDENCE MOTION where i teach people exactly how they can transform themselves into a great confident fearless speakers.

I am on a mission of CREATING CONFIDENT SPEAKERS and i want you to join me in this mission and lets show the country and then the whole world that we hyderabadi’s are great confident speakers and no one can stop us from achieving success.

If you are looking for Public speaking training in Hyderabad or Presentation skills training in Hyderabad or if you are looking for Motivational Speaker in Hyderabad, Saurabh chharia is always available to help YOU.I care about you i want to see you as a great speaker and I will definitely help you to bring that confident speaker out of YOU.

I am not Mr Perfect, I am just like you,who has learned a lot lessons from  book called Life from my personal experiences. I love Public Speaking and Motivating People. If you are going through a tough time in life and need any help,Please feel free to contact me. If you are based in Hyderabad or Bangalore you reach me in person,just leave me a message remember Saurabh chharia is always there for YOU.




  1. You are a motivational speaker! Liked it!

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