Improve communication skills:Top 5 Tips

Are you looking for TIPS to improve communication skills?

Do you feel from within that you are good technically but you are not able to communicate your knowledge to other in a concise and precise way?  Do you generally try to avoid group discussions and chances of presentations and speeches? Does your boss says to you that your communications skills are poor you cannot be promoted?

You might have heard this saying ,” people are hired for their technical skills but fired because of lack of communication skills” Harsh words but very true.

Being a Public speaking and a communication skills trainer in Hyderabad,india I found  there are 5 most important key things when it comes to communication skills.

Tips on improving communication skills:

1) Make it Interesting:

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All good communicators are master at this.

When someone speaks with you or you go and speak with anyone make sure it’s interesting. If you sound like all other boring people who just talk about weather and how is your day bla bla.. You will be an average communicator forever. You may ask me Saurabh! How to make any conversation interesting!!

2 best ways to make any conversation interesting is by asking interesting question about them and allowing them to speak and you telling them some interesting experiences you had in form of stories.

2) First let them speak, you just listen:

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It’s most important thing to understand when it comes to communication skills. People love when someone listens to them attentively. If you want to become a master communicator make this a rule of life. Speak less, listen more.

First ask them questions and listen to what they have to say about it. Ask open ended questions so that they can elaborate on it. Don’t ask a yes or no type question. Ask an open ended question and then just listen to them attentively.

Once they complete talking now they are ready to listen to you. Now you talk for some time and again ask a question and let them talk. This way you will become an good at communication skills.

3) Confident Body language:

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If you take communication as whole only 7% of our communication is verbal remaining 93% of communication is actually nonverbal. Includes body language, voice modulation and facial gestures.

If you want to be good at communication skills you must learn to have a great body language. You must focus on improving your non verbal communication because even though you may not speak a word your body language automatically conveys the message whether you are confident or nervous. So work on your body language.

I teach how to master body language in my Confidence motion Workshop you can contact me if you want to learn it.

4) Speak slowly and precisely:

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If you want to master communication skills you must master this one thing “Speak Slow”. Many people who struggle being an average communicator generally try to rush and speak very fast leading to confusion and distraction to the listener and finally he loses interest to talk with you.

One of my client had the same problem, he used to rush and speak fast every single time.I gave him the task of becoming conscious about his pace of speaking and try to slow down consciously and take pauses often, with practice now he has improved a lot and now he speaks precisely, slowly and everyone loves to listen to him.

I tell you the same thing take pauses frequently reduce your pace of speaking.

5) Be confident and Radiate Self Respect:

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This is most important of all. In any conversation with anyone show them that you are confident and you have lot self respect. How can we do it?

Look in their eyes, have proper eye contact. Use hands to explain your points (Part of body language), Smile and most important of all radiate confidence in the way you stand and speak each word.

I teach how to do this very effectively at my Confidence motion course.

Above shared tips are gold mine of communication skills. If you are really serious about improving your communication skills I recommend you kindly follow them and for sure you will see great results.

If you need any help from me kindly drop me an email I would love to answer your questions.

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  1. All points are very effective..! Even I will contact for more tips

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