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Myths of Public Speaking and Presentations which People assume to be true

How do you react when you are spontaneously called onto the stage to give a speech in-front of 100 people?You are least prepared for it but you have lot knowledge regarding that particular topic.You are the best person to speak on that topic but YOU ARE SCARED to go onto the stage.Even though YOU are an expert in the topic of discussion but if you are not able to communicate it to the folks what’s the point of being an expert?

There are so many people around us who are EXPERTS in there fields but still they are not able to move ahead in there career because of this one big reason.They are not able to communicate there expertise.To say in other words they are SCARED OF PUBLIC SPEAKING.

I was one among those people.I had a lot command over the subject LIFE. I read so many books,followed lot great Speakers and Motivational gurus.I was very passionate about spreading positive thoughts and life skills with people around me but I WAS NOT ABLE TO COMMUNICATE IT because i was SCARED OF PUBLIC SPEAKING.Speaking to one person itself was a scary thing for me but slowly when i started working on myself to master this skill of public speaking and became a Public Speaking expert in Hyderabad. I realized there are few myths regarding public speaking which people assume to be true.

I want to highlight those myths to YOU and believe me they are not true at all they are our own created.


stage fear

This is a very big myth .Its absolutely false. Public Speaking has nothing to do with language. Just want to highlight this to YOU. In overall communication just 7% is verbal and remaining 93% is your body language and the tone of voice.We just focus on that 7% of verbal communication which is a very small portion of communication and if we feel we are not good at language we assume we are a bad speaker. My friend Language is important but its just 7%.If you are not that perfect with it its fine.YOU HAVE 93% of communication with YOU use it effectively.Don’t just blindly say that because i am not good at English i can’t be a good speaker.Work on your language as well but don’t forget its just 7% master your 93% part of communication as well.

In my public speaking training in Hyderabad i teach how to use that 93% of communication effectively and i give few great tools to work on English Language as well.

Myth-2-It’s very tough to connect with audience and get them engaged

public speaking

This is the heart of a communication. Getting the attention of audience,Ability to engage with them.People find it very tough and that is when they give up on public speaking.My friend i tell you this Its very very easy to connect with audience its not tough at all.You just need to learn few simple techniques.I have taught a lot many people this principles of connection in my public speaking training in Hyderabad and they get full attention from audience whenever they speak.

Myth-3-I am scared of going onto stage and face people.

public speaking

This one was my key fear for quite a long time and this is a big MYTH.My friend JUST LIKE YOU the guys who are sitting in-front of YOU in audience are also scared to come onto the stage. We just don’t realize it and we are scared to face them.My friend Audience has a lot sympathy for YOU whatever you are doing right now if they are asked to do that even they will be scared. So just go onto the stage feel the fear and do it anyways.Just believe audience is with YOU not against YOU.

In public speaking training in Hyderabad i teach you few great techniques to how to overcome the stage and peoples fear.

My friend Public Speaking is a Skill which anyone can master provided you learn the correct strategies and overcome these myths.If you feel i can help you and if you are seeking for a training course on public speaking in Hyderabad  i will be glad to help YOU.

I care about YOU


Saurabh chharia


  1. i would like to learn public speaking skills to overcome the obstacles.

  2. I would like to join Public speaking course in your next batch of December, Please share the fee details and confirm the age for kids should be to opt for this course.

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