Thoughts shapes our world by saurabh chharia motivational speaker in hyderabad

I hope few of you might have watched the documentary THE SECRET or read the book.This documentary says just one thing “WE CREATE OUR OWN REALITY” . Meaning the thoughts we think attract the same in the real world fascinating isn’t it.

I always used to wonder  why i get in life the things which i don’t want. For example we go on road and we think there shouldn’t be traffic and we end up in between of heavy traffic.I always used to think about it, after seeing that documentary i realized the mistake which we are doing in our life. We are focusing on things which we don’t need in our life. As i was focusing more and more about traffic i end up in traffic . More and More we focus on the negative the negative just happens.

Out in world we all focus on corruption so we can see it often.Out in world we focus on terrorism that’s why we see it often.Why not lets shift our focus towards the things which we really want than focusing on those which we don’t  want.Lets focus on Peace instead of terror.Lets focus on positive than on negative.

Its very true in public speaking as well, few people just focus that i shouldn’t forget my point on stage. I shouldn’t make a fool of myself on stage and they terribly forget there points because as you focus so you get. In public speaking training in Hyderabad this is the very important tip i give focus on what you want.

Lets focus our thoughts on what we really want than what we don’t. Thoughts really become your reality my friend. Close your eyes and just check your life right now. what all you have in your life right now it was a result of your thoughts and your focus.

If you find yourself in a place or a situation in your life which you don’t like. May be you focused on not being here sometime back in your life.Its not late my friend change your thoughts shift your focus from the things you don’t want to towards things which you really want. Try it and just see the magic.

Just remember my friend “YOU CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY”. Just focus on what you want.






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